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Founded in 1999, Banque Internationale pour le Commerce et l’Industrie au Mali (BICIM), Mali’s leading bank, has been present in the country for 25 years.
BICIM is a limited company with its head office in the Fleuve district of Bamako, where it has a Prestige branch and a Corporate Business Centre. Its Bamako network includes 10 branches and several ATMs, as well as a branch in the Kayes region.
In line with its new expansion policy, BICIM is continuing its ambitious roll-out, with 5 branches scheduled to open each year.
It is also pursuing its development by innovating, digitalising its tools and adapting its structures to meet the expectations of its customers and the requirements of a service that meets international standards.
Since December 2020, Atlantic Financial Group (AFG) has held an 85% stake in BICIM and is its strategic partner.

To meet the needs of its customers, BICIM offers a wide range of solutions, from the services of a traditional commercial bank to the tailor-made solutions of a corporate bank. BICIM puts at your disposal a team of experts in banking management who are sensitive to socio-economic changes. Each of its employees is committed to delivering quality services and to ensuring real proximity with their customers. As part of Mali's development, BICIM is a banker that plays a full part in financing all sectors of the economy, including agribusiness, mining and public works, while offering its customers the advantages of an international bank on a human scale.


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The Individual and Professional Customers Department is organised around a team of customer advisers, financial asset advisers and professional account managers, and offers :
  • Standard banking services (account management, loans, e-banking and transfers, stock market transactions) for individuals and professionals.
  • Group offers and specific offers for employees.
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The Corporate and Institutional Customers Department, organised around a team of dedicated Account Managers :
  • National companies, multinationals and large groups, for a pragmatic approach to their needs in order to offer them the right solutions.
  • Institutional investors, offering tailor-made solutions for optimal cash management.
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Its customers

  • Individuals
  • Professionals
  • Companies
  • Institutional Investors
  • Companies and public bodies
 AFG Holding

BICIM's offer

Personal banking activities
  • Accounts, Visa cards
  • Home loans and consumer credit
  • Savings and Investments
  • Packages
  • Remote banking (afgmobile, smsbank, Bank to wallet, etc.)
  • Transfers
  • Rapid Transfers
Overview of our corporate offer
BICIM offers a comprehensive range of solutions to support business development in all its financial, day-to-day and forward-looking aspects.

Financing working capital requirements

  • Financing your operating cycle (overdraft facilities, overdrafts, fixed-term advances, invoice advances, local and export trade discounts, campaign loans, bridging loans).
  • Investment financing (medium and long-term loans, investment loans, leasing).

Structured finance

  • Structuring complex transactions.
  • Providing expertise in energy, mining, commodities, infrastructure and financing syndication.

Financing international trade

Global and specific solutions for international trade
  • Import and export documentary credit
  • Documentary collection (import/export documentary remittance)
  • International bank guarantees and stand-by letters of credit
  • Foreign exchange risk management
  • Financing, security and advice on international transactions (Trades centre)
  • Access to an international network of leading correspondent banks
  • Training courses for customers.

Cash management

  • Account management
  • Means of payment (collection/disbursement)
  • Electronic banking
  • Cash moving
  • Collection of funds
  • Remote banking: afgmobile (checking balances, bank statements, transfers, etc.)