Payment methods

BICIM has set up a number of means of payment that allow you to withdraw money and pay for purchases
  • Cheque book: when you open an ordinary current account, you can have a free cheque book, a basic means of payment that allows you to pay for your purchases and make withdrawals at the cash desk.
  • Bank cards: These allow you to withdraw cash from ATMs and, depending on the card, to pay for purchases.
  • Mobibank: this product allows you to link your Orange Money or Moov Money account to your bank account free of charge and carry out transactions to both linked accounts in both directions.
BICIM has made VISA cards available that can be used in all BICIM ATMs and in all retailers equipped with an electronic payment terminal and affiliated to the Visa network
  • Green Classic VISA card
  • VISA classic blue
  • VISA premier (GOLD) card
  • VISA Platinum card
You have three months to recover your card or chequebook. After 90 days, an amount of 10,000 FCFA will be deducted from your account for the destruction of the means of payment.
All you have to do is make a request on the spot to your account manager.
The difference between the cards lies in the payment and withdrawal limits.
Deposits can be made at the cash desk or by account-to-account transfer using the account number. The first deposit can be made on activation.
  • Withdrawal limit: 300,000 FCFA/day and 500,000 FCFA/week
  • Payment limit: 300,000 FCFA/day and 500,000 FCFA/week
  • Withdrawal limit: 700,000 FCFA/day and 1,000,000 FCFA/week
  • Payment limit: 700,000 FCFA/day and 1,000,000 FCFA/week
  • Withdrawal limit: 1,500,000 FCFA/day and 2,500,000 FCFA/week
  • Payment limit: FCFA 2,000,000/day and FCFA 3,000,000/week
  • Withdrawal limit: 2,500,000 FCFA/day and 5,000,000 FCFA/week
  • Payment limit: 3,000,000 FCFA/day and 6,000,000 FCFA/week
To change the limit on your VISA card, simply submit a limit change request to your account manager.
To top up your card, all you need is money in your account.
Yes, you can use your card to make online purchases.
To obtain a new card, you must :
  • Report the loss of your card to your customer advisor
  • Send a request to stop and cancel the debit on your account.
When your card is captured by an ATM, report it to the branch manager if the branch is open. Otherwise, contact your account manager or go to BICIM head office.
All the fees for the bank's products and services are available from your branch or account manager.
You can request a chequebook via AFG Mobile or in branch from your account manager.
The processing time for obtaining a chequebook is 2 working days.
You can stop payment on a lost or stolen cheque via AFG Mobile or by writing to the bank.
No! The chequebook is not valid abroad.